As of October 2015, Green Lake Nutrition is now TWO new clinics.  For Julie Starkel, Riana Giusti and Grace Lautman, please visit us at Starkel Nutrition.  For Ying Yu at Integrative Nourishment, the website is still under construction, so please read on here for her info.


Our relationship to food is the most intimate relationship we can have.  When diet changes, everything changes.

We believe:

  • Food is the most powerful yet least invasive form of medicine for healing.
  • Whole foods encourage the natural healing abilities of the body and mind.
  • Health counseling should be personal rather than follow general guidelines.
  • Nourishment and fulfillment are better goals than dieting or deprivation.
  • A nutritious plan that is fun, tasty, and soul-nourishing is more sustainable.

Green Lake Nutrition lobby

If you’re struggling with a chronic medical or emotional condition, looking for a better relationship with food or to optimize your health, our one-on-one counseling, group classes, and programs will give you the knowledge, guidance, and support to reach your goals.

Offering classes in our kitchen, our living room, our vegetable garden, and even our local grocery store, we encourage learning of the whole nourishment cycle.

We invite you to visit us and start your journey to a healthier life today.

Julie Starkel, Riana Giusti and Grace Lautman have all move to their new clinic, Starkel Nutrition.  Please click here to be taken to that website.