How Can a Nutritionist Help You?

Have you ever wondered what a nutritionist can do for you? One of the most common assumptions of a nutritionist is that we facilitate weight loss. Of course we can help with this goal, but there are many other areas of expertise in which someone can work with us.

Case Study: High Cholesterol

For example, Julie had a 36 year old client who came in with a total cholesterol level of 319. His doctor was alarmed and without suggesting diet as an option, wanted to prescribe cholesterol lowering medication. The patient opted to call a nutritionist to see if he could do something naturally. Julie put him on a mostly plant-based diet, although still including some meat and eggs for protein and healthy nutrients. The biggest change was eliminating refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates come from any food that can convert into blood sugar, or glucose, rapidly. These foods include white rice, pastas, baked goods, sugar or sugary foods, and foods high in starch. The client was seriously motivated so he also eliminated fried foods.

Within three months, his cholesterol levels dropped 114 points to 205, a drop unheard of when using medications. Within the next three months, his cholesterol level was below 200 which is considered healthy by most health care providers.

The difference between treating with medications vs. treating with a change in lifestyle and diet is that with the latter, the patient takes responsibility and has to work to create change. This client was extremely motivated and did a fantastic job. Once his levels were normal, we adjusted his diet, and now he is a healthy 39 year old.

Case Study: Emotional Eating Patterns

Another area of nutrition is within the realm of emotional eating and our relationship with food. Ying had a client who was overweight, and suffered from Candida infections and irritable bowel symptoms for most of her life. She had tried many diets, read countless nutrition and self-help books, and knew exactly what foods to eat and which to avoid, but somehow couldn’t make changes last. Every time she made changes and started to feel better, she would sabotage her efforts and dive right back into her old familiar ways.

Through working together within the structure of a Personalized 6-Month Program, this client realized that deep down, she was stuck between two extremes. On one hand, she had an unrealistic expectation that people, herself especially, had to be perfect. This meant that if she were “good,” she couldn’t do or have an ounce of anything “bad.” And on the other hand, she didn’t truly believe that anything good could last. This is something she learned in her family in early childhood that she now had to unlearn. Stuck between these two extremes, she lived in constant anxiety and self-judgment, which wreaked havoc on her digestion and immune system, led her to use food for comfort and security, and obstructed her efforts at getting well.

Once this client understood that her eating habits were a symptom of a deeper issue, she started working on her awareness and beliefs, was able to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors and following the dietary guidelines Ying prescribed, and take actions that were congruent with her health vision. Today, eating well and taking care of her body have become second-nature, and her conditions have dramatically improved.

Still other areas in which we help people include digestive disorders or chronic conditions such as headaches, skin issues, chronic fatigue, etc.

A good, qualified nutritionist is the expert in preventive health and healthy eating. Please check out Conditions Treated for more information about what we can do for you.